Professional Licensure

Professional Licensure

Within the scope of State Authorization, Institutional Research and Analytics ensures compliance with federal disclosure requirements regarding academic programs that may prepare students for initial professional licensure or certification in a U.S. state or territory. IRA collaborates with schools to research state-specific educational requirements to provide the best assessment possible on whether or not an academic program prepares students for initial licensure or certification beyond Virginia.

Please use Licensure Disclosure Tool below to determine if an academic program "Meets", "Does Not Meet," or if UVA "Cannot Determine" whether the program meets the educational requirements for initial licensure or certification in a U.S. state or territory by selecting (in order) the school, academic program, and state/territory you want to review. For academic programs with a "Cannot Determine" result, please visit your state of interest's licensing agency published in the Disclosure Tool for more information about initial licensure or certification requirements.

Additional Information Regarding Licensing Requirements in the U.S.

The determinations provided in the Licensure Disclosure Tool relate only to the educational content of the UVA program listed. Other requirements, including professional examinations, background checks, and professional experience may be needed for initial licensure or certification. Some professional examinations may have specific prerequisites in order to sit for the examination.

Licensure/certification requirements vary by U.S. state and territory and are subject to change. Prospective students interested in academic programs that may lead to initial professional licensure or certification are advised to review the disclosure statement for their state/program combination and to contact the appropriate licensing agency for further information prior to enrolling in the program. Enrolled students who relocate or plan to relocate should consult the Licensure Disclosure Tool, contact the licensing agency of the state to which they are considering relocating, and update their mailing address in the Student Information System (SIS) should they relocate.

The information provide in the Licensure Disclosure Tool is reviewed and updated annually (in July/August) or in between as needed to comply with federal requirements. For questions about professional licensure disclosures, contact us at [email protected].

Licensure Requirements Outside the U.S.

To determine whether or not an academic program meets the licensure or certification requirements in countries other than the United States, students should contact the appropriate licensing agency/board within their country of interest for assistance. Students should also note that additional requirements for licensure or certification in other countries beyond educational content may apply.