Off-Campus Sites

Off-Campus Sites

An off-campus site refers to a location that is geographically separate from the University’s main campus in Charlottesville, VA, where instruction related to a credit-bearing degree or certificate program takes place. All off-campus sites require advance review and approval when they are first established, and again if they are going to be closed. In addition, changes to programs offered at an off-campus site following initial approval must be reported.

Programs are encouraged to consult with their school’s academic compliance contact and with the IRA contact listed below as early as possible for guidance and support on the necessary documentation and approvals required.

The following forms to initiate a request to establish, close or modify an Off-Campus Site include detailed instructions for each field. Please note: You will not be able to ‘save’ and ‘return’ to these forms at a later date, so we recommend that you preview and prepare the required information in advance:

Establish an Off-Campus Site Form

Close an Off-Campus Site Form


Establishing an Off-Campus Site

All new off-campus sites require advance University and SCHEV approvals. Previous offerings (e.g., a previously approved certificate program delivered by request at an employer’s location) do not automatically confer status as an approved off-campus site.

New off-campus sites may also require advance review/approval by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC), according to the following thresholds:

If 25-49% of a degree or certificate program will be delivered at an unapproved off-campus site, UVA must notify SACSCOC in advance of instruction taking place. If 50% of more of a degree or certificate program will be delivered at an unapproved off-campus site, UVA must obtain SACSCOC approval before the 50% threshold is exceeded.

Modifying or Closing an Off-Campus Site

Schools considering a modification to activity at an off-campus site including increasing the percent of the total program related to SASCCOC thresholds or adding a new degree or certificate program that differs from the program used to establish the site require approval.

Closures of existing off-campus sites also require advance University and SCHEV approval, and SACSCOC approval for regardless of SACSCOC monitored threshold.

In addition to SCHEV and SACSCOC review, other external policies govern institutional activity at off-campus site, including those related to Veteran’s Benefits, Immigration, and Distance Learning requirements.


Notifications to SACSCOC may occur at any time.

For off-campus site actions that require SASCCOC Board approval, the timelines are as follows:

March 15 for the June SACSCOC Board Meeting; September 1 for the December SACSCOC Board Meeting.