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Assessment Process - Introduction

Conducting an assessment takes time, thought, attention, planning, and often collaboration. In general, the more complex the topic, the more time, preparation, and analysis it will take.

If you plan to report on the assessment, please ensure that your plan and documentation include all of the following:

Outcomes Clearly Stated

1. In light of your program mission and curricular offerings, clearly define learning or program outcomes to be assessed and identify where in the program or curriculum those outcomes are addressed.

Plan Methods

2. Description of your methodological approach: how will you measure how well your program has achieved that outcome? How will you collect and analyze the data?

3. Explicit statement of your expectations for achievement

Analyze and Use Results

4. Results of your analysis: Did student achievement meet your targets?

5. Interpretation: How do you interpret the results? What do you conclude?

6. Description of how you applied the results to improve the program, if needed

Document Process and Results

7. Documentation of your methods (e.g., exam, rubric), results (e.g., results table), and application of results