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Document Process and Results

Write up Assessment Process, Results, and Program Changes

Reports of assessments provide the concrete evidence necessary to demonstrate compliance with accreditation requirements. To receive ongoing accreditation, the University is required to provide evidence that all educational programs define program and student learning outcomes, assess how well those outcomes are achieved, and apply the results of those assessments to improve the programs.

Please organize your reports of assessments as follows or use one of our report templates. Please see Assessment: Reporting.

Defined program and/or learning outcomes: What outcome(s) did you assess?

  1. Methods employed: How did you assess students’ learning?  
  2. Targets: What were your expectations for program or student performance?
  3. Results: Did student achievement meet your targets?
  4. Interpretation: How did you interpret the results? Affirming? Concerning? Need more data to confirm?
  5. Program improvements: As a result of the assessment(s), specifically, how was your program or the assessment process improved?
  6. Documentation: Provide relevant documents to help the reader understand your process and results, e.g., rubrics, analyses, plans, revised syllabi, course offerings, degree requirements, etc.)

Please submit your reports, including documentation, to Lois Myers at Institutional Research and Analytics (IRA).  If you need past assessment reports for reference, also ask Lois Myers at IRA.