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Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) Freshman Survey

The Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP) Freshman Survey is administered by the Higher Education Research Institute (HERI) at UCLA and collects information from students entering college across the country. The instrument asks incoming students about their established behaviors in high school, academic preparedness, admissions decisions, expectations of college, interactions with peers and faculty, student values and goals, student demographic characteristics, and concerns about financing college.

UVA has participated in the CIRP Freshman Survey for fifty years. IRA currently hosts survey results from CIRP for the years 1988-2019. Follow the links below to access survey results from individual CIRP surveys conducted between 2007-2019. Results from the years 1966-2006 are not currently available online. Results from these years can be requested from IRA.

CIRP Freshman Survey Data by Year

2019 UVa Institutional Profile (results)

2016 UVa Institutional Profile (results)          2016 UVa Infographic (select results)

2013 UVa Institutional Profile (results)

2010 UVa Institutional Profile (results)

2007 UVa Institutional Profile (results)

2006 UVa Institutional Profile (results)

Results from other years are not currently available online. Please contact IRA using the data support form if you require access to results from years not listed here.

CIRP Freshman Survey Question Construct Reports (For Benchmarking)

2019 UVa Construct Report

2016 UVa Construct Report

2013 UVa Construct Report

2010 UVa Construct Report

CIRP Freshman Survey Questionnaires by Year

2019 survey questionnaire

2016 survey questionnaire

2013 survey questionnaire

2010 survey questionnaire

2007 survey questionnaire

2006 survey questionnaire

Additional CIRP Resources

CIRP Overview hosted by HERI at UCLA

2016 CIRP Freshman Survey National Report