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The Office of Institutional Research and Analytics (IRA) provides data to support the University community in assessment and planning. In addition to the data available at University Stats and Facts, IRA' website also has data pertaining to Survey Research and Assessment. Please review these sections before requesting additional data from IRA.

If you are unable to find the information in the format you seek from currently available data on this site, please complete the Data Request form.

The data request form should be used to request data that is available to, and may be readily compiled and produced by IRA. Subject to applicable privacy and confidentiality laws, IRA will respond to your data request at no cost. You may make broader requests for information and records under the Freedom of Information Act by using this request.

To ensure IRA understands your data needs, please be as specific as possible in your request.

Once you submit your request, an IRA staff member will contact you within three business days with a status update and/or if feasible, with the requested data.

Detailed description of your request.
Is there a page on our website that provides information similar to what you need? If so, copy and paste a direct link to that page here.

Please answer the following questions regarding the data you are requesting.

What general topic does this request most closely pertain to? Check all that apply.
For what specific time frame are you requesting the data? An academic year (AY) consists of fall & spring terms. If you only need one semester, please select the appropriate AY and specify the semester below.
Demographic information to include? Check all that apply.