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Review and Approval Overview

Actions related to a degree or credit-bearing certificate program (e.g., establishing a degree program, changing the total number of degree program credits, adding a minor to a degree program, offering a degree program at an unapproved off-campus site, discontinuing a degree program) require varying University and external reviews and approvals. A summary of academic program reviews and approvals may be found in the Review and Approval Workflows

All schools have representatives who serve as a primary point of contact with Institutional Research and Analytics (IRA) on academic accreditation and compliance issues. Departments should consult with their school contact and the following IRA staff upon initiation of an action, to understand policy and procedural requirements:

  • For questions regarding the creation of new degree or certificate programs:  Alena Herklotz
  • For questions regarding changes to existing degree or certificate programs (e.g., new minor, change in credits, program closures) and distance education: Cheryl Carroll
  • All other topics: Christina Morell