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Quality Enhancement Plan

As part of the reaffirmation process, institutions must develop a Quality Enhancement Plan (QEP). The QEP describes the University's approach to addressing - through a systematic, sustained, institution-wide effort - a key student learning issue fundamental to the University's mission.

The University’s 2017 QEP focuses on “Enhancing the Culture of Writing” and is designed to advance writing across the undergraduate curriculum.  Consistent with the University’s strategic vision for promoting educational experiences that deliver new levels of student engagement and cross-disciplinary work, the QEP will extend the range of writing opportunities for students and enhance pedagogical support for faculty so that students will develop more significantly as writers, and faculty will be better positioned to promote an academic culture that values writing across disciplines.  The QEP has been structured so that faculty from diverse disciplines teach writing regularly, hold high standards for written work, and engage in well-informed practices to help students meet those standards. Ultimately, these efforts should culminate in an institution that demonstrably values and celebrates writing as being fundamental to its mission.

As part of its Fifth-Year interim Report in 2022, the University also will submit a QEP impact report.