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Licensing and Certification Examinations

Professional schools and programs track scores and pass rates on licensure and certification examinations, where applicable, as a measure of success of undergraduate, graduate, and professional programs.

McIntire School of Commerce - CPA Exam (2014)
Threshold: 80%
Actual: 84.6%

School of Education - Praxis II Exams (2015)
Threshold: State minimum average scores
Actual: Average scores on subject components ranged from 10% to 28% above state minimums

School of Engineering and Applied Science - Fundamentals of Engineering Exam (2014)
Threshold: 85%
Actual: 85%

School of Law - Virginia Bar Exam and New York Bar Exam (2013)
Threshold: 80.0%
Actual-VA: 93.6%
Actual-NY: 93.1%

School of Medicine - U.S. Medical Licensing Exam (2015)
Threshold: 90%
Actual: 98%

School of Nursing - National Council on Licensure Exam-NCLEX (2014)
Threshold: 80% (Virginia Board of Nursing)
Threshold: 95% (UVA)
Actual-Baccalaureate: 92.9%
Actual-Master's: 100%