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State Licensure Confirmation

Professional licensure or certification is a formal recognition based on standards set forth by a state or other governing entity that gives legal permission to an individual to practice a profession. States and territories have different licensure/certification requirements, which are subject to change.  This page contains information to help students determine whether a University of Virginia program that typically leads to licensure/certification meets the educational requirements for licensure/certification in a particular state.  To assist students in this assessment, the tool below organizes applicable UVA programs by the school that oversees the program.  As required by federal law, UVA researches these state-specific requirements to confirm how they align with the content provided through a UVA program and updates this information as appropriate.   

Students interested in a UVA academic program that may lead to professional licensure/certification are advised to review the licensure requirements for their state and to contact the appropriate licensing agency for further information prior to enrolling in the UVA program.  Once enrolled in a UVA program, students who relocate to a different state should again consult the tool below and contact the licensing agency of the state to which they are relocating, and update their permanent address through the Student Information System (SIS) upon relocation.

If your program is listed as “Cannot Determine” please visit the State Licensure Confirmation Websites page for links to state licensure information for your program.

Contact Cheryl Carroll if you need this information in an accessible format.