Request Data or Analysis

Request Data or Analysis

Institutional Research and Analytics (IRA) provides data and analysis to support the University community in assessment, planning, and decision-making.

Beyond data made readily available on our website, IRA responds to requests for data or analysis (including new dashboards and reports in UBI) from current UVA faculty, staff, and students in support of university business.

Requests for data from other constituent groups should be made through the UVA Communications Office's Request Records webpage.

How to Submit Your Data or Analysis Request

For Current UVA Faculty, Staff, and Students

  • Use the request form below to solicit data or analysis, including new dashboards and reports in UBI. If you need the form in an accessible format, contact the IRA team.

  • Please be as specific as possible to ensure we understand and can best fulfill your need. 

  • Requests are subject to applicable privacy and confidentiality laws; therefore, not all institutional data is available to all requesters. Requesters must accurately represent their need and intended use of the data.   

  • Note that your request may require additional approvals, data collection methods, and analysis techniques depending on the data's sensitivity, complexity, and availability. 

  • Once you submit your request, we will contact you within five business days to obtain any needed clarification, consult with you as required, confirm if and when the data may be available, or, if feasible, provide you with the requested data or analysis. 

For questions or more information contact [email protected] .