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Institutional Research and Analytics (IRA) provides data and analysis to support the University community in assessment, planning, and decision-making.

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University Business Intelligence

UBI is UVA's enterprise reporting environment, with tools that support the University's needs for transactional reports, managerial reports, and executive dashboards.

Review & Approvals - Program Changes

Proposals for creating or changing an academic program generally require approval by the faculty governance of the proposing school, the Dean, the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs (VPAA), and the Faculty Senate.

Survey Data

On behalf of the University Provost, Institutional Research and Analytics administers several institutional surveys each year to students and periodically to faculty and/or alumni.

Student Experience in the Research University (SERU)

The Undergraduate SERU survey focuses on multiple aspects of the undergraduate experience. Your participation contributes to progress, strategic solutions, and UVA’s success.