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IRA provides accurate data, reliable information and reporting, and expert analysis and guidance on use of data in support of the University’s teaching, research, and service mission.  To accomplish its mission IRA:

  • Collaborates with academic and administrative units to design and develop new and improved reporting solutions;
  • Identifies, applies, and connects trusted data for effective decision-making and insight.
  • Conducts and assists in insightful data collection, analysis, interpretation, and reporting;
  • Provides leadership and support for academic programs and administrative units in assessing student learning and the student experience; and
  • Coordinates changes to academic program strategies with institutional policies and procedures and with approvals and reporting required by federal, state, and accrediting agencies.

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Information on tuition and fees from 1970-71 to 2022-23 by academic career (Undergraduate, Graduate, Law, Medicine, Business) and residency.